Wednesday, September 24

Rephrasing Comparativos

En este post repasaremos los comparativos y los superlativos (comparatives and superlatives) en forma de ejercicios de rephrasing. 

Reescribe las siguientes frases sin alterar su significado. Recuerda poner mayúscula sólo cuando corresponda y no escribir el punto final de frase en la caja.

Este ejercicio está relacionado con las siguientes entradas:
Doble comparativo
Comparativos repetidos

1.- The coffee was so hot I couldn’t drink it.
The coffee was .

2.- Jake works less than Peter.
Peter .

3.- She is such a good singer that everybody wants to see her.
The singer .

4.- Have you got any cheaper shoes than these?
Are these ?

5.- All his classmates study harder than him.
He doesn't .

6.- Her anger is increasing.
She is getting .

7.- Raspberries and blackberries are more expensive than strawberries.
Strawberries .

8.- I have never known such an interesting person.
He is .

9.- I am older than Mike.
Mike .

10 .-My children are too young to vote.
My children .

11.- It was the worst film I have ever seen.
I have never seen .

12.- She isn’t as intelligent as her sister.
Her sister .

13.- I have never seen such a boring show.
It's .

14.- Swimming is better than walking.
Walking isn't .

15.- English isn’t as difficult to learn as Chinese.
Chinese .

16.- He’s not old enough to go into town on his own.
He is .

17.- It was such a boring film that I fell asleep.
The film .

18.- As we get older, we feel more tired.
The .

19.-The girls couldn’t go to the beach because it was too cold.
It was .

20.- There aren’t any buses earlier than this one.
This is .

21.- If you do a lot of excercise, you will get fitter.
The .

22.- Due to drought, the level of water in reservoirs is decreasing.
Due to drought, there is .

23.- That’s the best pizza I have ever eaten.
I have never eaten .

24.- Alice’s work is less careful than before.
Alice has been working .

25.- You are driving too slowly.
You will have to .

26.- When you eat a lot, you get fat.
The .

27.- Haven’t you got a better one than this?
Is this ?

28.- Smartphones and tablets are the same price in some countries.
Smartphones cost.

29.- The day was so sunny that we spent all morning in the garden.
It was .

30.- Luis didn’t arrive as early as he wished.
Luis arrived .

31.- There were more books than magazines in the library.
There were not .

32.- Your sister isn’t as pretty as mine.
My sister .

33.- Emma and Kate are both good at English.
Emma .

34.- Isis’s drawings are better than mine.
Isis .

35.- The number of people who travel by plane is increasing.

36.-My boyfriend doesn’t like the beach as much as I do.
I like .

37.-If you practice, you will get better at English.
The .

38.-I have never heard such a crazy thing.
This is .

39.-These jeans are so dirty that I can’t wear them.
These jeans aren’t .

40.- The people in your class were so nice that it was a pleasure to meet them.
They were .

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