Thursday, July 21

Expresiones en inglés


En inglés como en muchos otros idiomas hay muchas expresiones hechas con significados propios. Abajo hay una lista de varias expresiones comunes y sus significados en español con ejemplos en inglés.

In some way or other – de una manera u otra
Ejemplo: In some way or other we must find a way to fix the computer by tomorrow.

To this day – hasta ahora
Ejemplo: To this day I still don’t know the full truth.

To go hand in hand with – algo que va junto con algo
Ejemplo: A job with a lot of responsibility usually goes hand in hand with a decent salary.

In due course
– en su tiempo
Ejemplo: The project came to fruition in due course.

At random – al azar
Ejemplo: He chose the lottery numbers at random.

Under no circumstances – bajo ningún circunstancia
Ejemplo: Under no circumstances must people move beyond this point.

To come up against a brick wall
– encontrar obstaculos de un tipo u otro
Ejemplo: Every time he attempted to find a solution to the situation he came up against a brick wall.

The naked truth – la pura verdad
Ejemplo: The naked truth is that the government has mislead the media over this issue.

To wash your hands of something – desasociarte de algo
Ejemplo: The prime minister washed his hands of the whole situation and denied everything.

To bang your head against a brick wall
– no poder hacer nada
Ejemplo: It was impossible to convince them that I was right. It was like banging my head against a brick wall.


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